Walls and Apertures

In tacking along the North Korean border with Liaoning province for most of the day, it occurred to me that construction of barriers is simply part of life.  One has to seal off memory in order to act, for instance. Thus the danger of wallowing in history of any sort.  Weighing, judging, understanding, and forgetting are of a piece.   Perhaps it isn’t a bad … Continue reading Walls and Apertures

Death of Chang Song U / DPRK updates

Surprisingly, this story seems not yet to have been picked up by English-language media.  Chang Song U, the brother of Chang Song Taek and a higher-up in the DPRK bureaucracy, was reported on August 25 by KCNA to have died.  Kim Jong Il was said to be saddened; much more detail is available in Chinese. In the meantime, North Korean media is celebrating Youth Day, … Continue reading Death of Chang Song U / DPRK updates