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Cross-Border Crackdowns

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North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

The latest Good Friends intelligence report contains an intriguing item: North Korean police and security forces are cracking down on DVDs of Chinese movies: Crackdown on Illegal Video Films in Pyongsung On September 20, Pyongsung city in South Pyongan Province began a crackdown on illegal video films. In No.24 Unit of Yonbong dong, the investigators raided on two households and confiscated CDs that contained American movies and Chinese movies such as “The Daughter of the […]

Report of North Korean Military Buildup along the Jilin Border

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American Foreign Policy / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations / U.S.-China Relations / US-North Korea relations

10,000 More North Korean Troops Along Chinese Frontier The Daily NK quotes sources inside North Korea indicating that the Korean People’s Army will, for the next six months, be building up its forces in Ryanggang province around the large border city of Hyesan. A total of 10,000 new troops are expected.  According to the source, talk in the DPRK has it that the moves are being taken in response to a Chinese buildup in adjacent […]

Unrest in Tonghua

China / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

Not so long ago there was a gigantic brawl at a (huge) steel factory in Tonghua, Jilin province, that left one dead and the news media all aflutter.   Another sign emerges that China could come apart at the seams at any moment! I spent a couple of days in Tonghua last month, as it is a major gateway city to the North Korean border.  While aspects of the city were somewhat miserable (no public library, […]

Violence in Xinjiang: The View from Linjiang City, Jilin / 临江市

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China / North Korean border region

Views of Xinjiang violence from other ethnic zones Often lost in the shuffle of news reports about Xinjiang is inter-minority relations; that is to say, how do various other Chinese minorities, or shaoshu minzu / 少数民族 view the actions in Xinjiang?  This would seem to be a consequential question for the CCP and for foreign observers who prognosticate future fragmentation for the PRC.  After all, “a spark can start a prairie fire,” and social movements […]