Just a Little Something Old School: Bach, Vivaldi, and All That

As it is Friday, perhaps it will be acceptable for the violoncellist and part-time-musicologist to run the ship for a few hours.  If you’re in the Seattle area, I sincerely hope you will be able to make it to the Bach festival on February 28.  Some of my program notes for the occasion follow: VIVALDI: Concerto for Two Flutes in C major, RV 533 Every … Continue reading Just a Little Something Old School: Bach, Vivaldi, and All That

Program Notes: Handel, Bach, Copland

Oh, the joys of musicology!  Links are forthcoming, but this is my most recent prose of the day, to be printed for a weekend orchestra concert in Seattle: G.F. Händel: Water Music   Like Haydn’s later symphonies, the Three Suites collectively entitled Water Music brought their composer stunning success in, and association with, the city of London.  They are also perfectly illustrative of the composer’s … Continue reading Program Notes: Handel, Bach, Copland

Bach am Freitag

Ever since Seiji Ozawa went on the injured reserve for the global musicians’ squad, I have been feeling more compelled to get behind the axe, thus: A joyous C-major prelude, vite: Bitte enschuldigung für die Fehler am anfang des zweiten Minuten-zeichen [Please excuse the mistake at the outset of the second minute mark — it’s for Seiji, man]! and some G-major semidemiquavers in the quasi-style, … Continue reading Bach am Freitag