Prisms of Tiananmen

This year the buzzword, for Pierre Haski, at least, is “subliminal resistance.”  The 21st anniversary of the June 4, 1989 crackdown on largely young pro-democracy protesters on Tiananmen Square is arriving, with all the obligatory commemorations and non-commemoration. Chai Ling, student leader in 1989, is speaking out in the Shijie Ribao (overseas Chinese newspaper with an insane website), mainly to promote her business of online … Continue reading Prisms of Tiananmen

Remembering Tiananmen and 1989 in Europe [1]

June 4, 1989 may lay buried under new epochs already, but the meaning of that date for China and its observers is clearly going to continue reverberate for decades. The Germans, perhaps most of all.  China was, and remains, highly sensitive to commemorations of June 4, 1989, but for Germans, the inspiration of the Chinese student movement of the 1980s, and the violent end to … Continue reading Remembering Tiananmen and 1989 in Europe [1]

Update from Beijing

At the moment, Seattle, Paris, and Berlin are all in the rear-view miror; the author of Sinologistical Violoncellist has moved shop to Beijing, China. While many advantages accrue to one willing to take the journey to the People’s Republic, freedom of speech is not one of them. Sadly, my blog cannot be accessed in China, presumably on account of references to the dialogue around commemorations … Continue reading Update from Beijing