Sino-NK Agreements

The rumor mill continues its inexorable churning as regards Chinese interests in North Korea.  The most astounding assertion (now parading as an established fact) is that China has promised to front almost $10 billion USD in investments in North Korea.  Yonhap put out the original report (no longer available, strangely enough), which is embellished here by the Korea Times and described a bit further on … Continue reading Sino-NK Agreements

DPRK Sidelines

1.  So what was Kim Jong Il doing yesterday, when the media circus hit the Beijing airport in the person of released American missionary Robert Park? Why, watching Russian opera, of course! Do check out these striking photos of the Dear Leader, obviously in an expansive mood, with the Russian Ambassador from one of the better DPRK blogs in China via Hexun. Although this operatic … Continue reading DPRK Sidelines

Karaoke Will Save the World

What to do when you’ve had a bad year?  How to press forward, gamely or doggedly, with the new tasks thrust upon you by time and those relationships whose original justifications have long since slipped away? Sing some revolutionary songs, that’s what! Liu Xiaoming, the dapper Anglophone and Tufts-educated Chinese Ambassador to the DPRK, is being reassigned to London.  Reflecting North Korea’s tenacious reliance on … Continue reading Karaoke Will Save the World

NK-PRC Roundup

The Korean Central News Agency — as well as the Chinese Embassy — in Pyongyang has been putting out all manner of noteworthy stuff lately which is worth some commentary.  Youthful themes abound. 1. Chinese Ambassador on a Farewell (Business) Tour of the Border Region If it weren’t already obvious that China wants to move into overdrive with plans for North Korean economic expansion, Liu … Continue reading NK-PRC Roundup

China to Replace Ambassador in Pyongyang

There about six or seven major stories unfolding simultaneously today in US-North Korea and Sino-North Korean diplomacy, but don’t miss this quiet development: China is shuffling its ambassadors on the Korean peninsula.  Liu Xiaoming, the dapper, Anglophone, and American-educated ambassador to the DRPK, seems set to move.   According to Chosun Ilbo: Liu Xiaoming, China’s incumbent ambassador to North Korea, who is an expert on U.S. … Continue reading China to Replace Ambassador in Pyongyang