Sino-Japanese Contrasts

Bifurcated views of Japan within the PRC (and the global Chinese diaspora) are nothing new, but two new Huanqiu photo galleries are particularly striking in this regard. The first shows some hideously gruesome corpse pictures of what are said to be Chinese victims of Japanese chemical weapons attacks, presumably in Changde in 1940.   If such in-your-face evidence isn’t your thing, try this photograph of some … Continue reading Sino-Japanese Contrasts

Dog Eat Nationalism and Kobayashi Yoshinori

For the last several years I have been collecting the manga of Kobayashi Yoshinori, a rather strong-willed character who argues for a revival of Japanese nationalism and the shedding of Japan’s debilitating war guilt.  He’s been consequently been accused of many things: denying the harm of Japan’s colonization of Taiwan (1895-1945), minimizing the comfort women or ianfu system, glorifying Japanese war criminals, and whitewashing the … Continue reading Dog Eat Nationalism and Kobayashi Yoshinori