Thinking About Megumi

Watching clips of the irrepressible Kanye West grabbing a microphone to hijack some narrative or another, I thought about Megumi Yokota [横田めぐみ].  Like Kanye, Megumi’s story has grown beyond anyone’s ability to control.  It fills Japanese newschannels and magazines, and serves as a crucial pillar in Japan’s own narrative of having been exploited and disrespected by North Korea. North Korea will be accepting no awards … Continue reading Thinking About Megumi

Missing Person of the Cold War: Liberation Report on Megumi Yokota

The following article is a stub; translation of the complete article should be posted in a few hours’ time. –A.C.  More to follow…. Arnaud Vaulerin, “Japan. Disparu de la Guerre Froide [Japan: Disappeared in the Cold War],” Liberation, 11 March 2009. Megumi Yokota, following the example of a dozen Japanese, was kidnapped by North Korea in the 1970s: Her case continues to poison the relations … Continue reading Missing Person of the Cold War: Liberation Report on Megumi Yokota

On Megumi Yokota: Doggerel One

Japan is hatin’ on DPRK Koizumi’s plume done led the way When Kim abducted you say? The DPRK gotta send Megumi home.// //But they said she killed herself in a fit of despair Her parents want ashes, yet Kim forswear Apologies and memories mingle up with force Like a mini-submarine rising off the Niigata coast// //KCNA drops bombs while J-pop drops beats oblivious Tumescent and … Continue reading On Megumi Yokota: Doggerel One