Mémoire interdite: New Source on the Cultural Revolution in Tibet

This past few months in Chengdu and in my October foray into Tibet, I often found myself wondering where I could get more solid documentation on the impact of the Cultural Revolution in Tibet.  While the topic is not completely suppressed (appearing in truncated form in Party histories published in Tibet), it is, with out a doubt, submerged. Enter Woeser, the top-flight Tibetan blogger, author, … Continue reading Mémoire interdite: New Source on the Cultural Revolution in Tibet

Reading Kim Il Sung’s Memoirs [1]

Although no one seems to be writing about the topic, Kim Il Sung’s life and works are likely to play an important role in justifying any new direction taken in North Korea, just as the present order, just as that life and those works undergird the present order even as the constant public reminders of that early era kindle a certain revolutionary nostalgia in the … Continue reading Reading Kim Il Sung’s Memoirs [1]

Walter Kirn, 明尼苏达州的作家

Walter Kirn, the highly-talented essayist and prose-pusher, is publishing a memoir of his academic youth entitled Lost in the Meritocracy, the affecting first chapter of which is available here. I love Kirn’s writing because it is unaffected and he writes about the truth. He is also one of two well-known writers that hail from Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota. (The other is Garrison Keillor, who … Continue reading Walter Kirn, 明尼苏达州的作家