North Korea-Mexico

A curious feature of KCNA dispatches from Pyongyang is their occasional resort to “friendship meetings” in developing countries where praise is allegedly levied at Kim Jong Il and North Korea’s songun politics. A couple of days ago this one popped up: DPRK Important Days Observed in Mexico Pyongyang, November 27 (KCNA) — A function took place in Mexico on Nov. 21 on the occasions of … Continue reading North Korea-Mexico

Trans-border Violence: Mexico

As an East Asia specialist by training, I’m not supposed to be terribly interested in Latin America, except perhaps to note the wonderfully wine-stained Chilean trade agreements with South Korea, the cultural elisions of Japanese immigrant communities in Brazil, or the spread of Chinese “soft power” and economic influence into the region. But traveling recently to Los Angeles and Orange County has kept Mexico closer … Continue reading Trans-border Violence: Mexico