On the Events in Egypt

I ride a train some mornings, hurtling south in darkness toward the port of Tacoma, past shadowed bridges, around fields glazed with frost, through tentative and unheard bird songs.  Today, for the first time this winter, the journey ended as a portent of a sunrise began to glow behind the mountain screen in the East. After the burning oil wells and wrenchingly uniform destruction of … Continue reading On the Events in Egypt

S.V. & Nietzsche: Now on Twitter

Please feel free to check out my Twitter page and pluck off all of my Tweets.   (Is that “der, die, or das Tweet” in German?)  Nietzsche never so much as wrote an e-mail, but his aphorisms are abundant and practically made for Twitter.    In my own case, I promise to keep the shenanigans and nonsense to a minimum. And as I’m figuring out … Continue reading S.V. & Nietzsche: Now on Twitter