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American Weimar: On Hitler, Obama, and BR Myers’ Diminution of Juche

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American Foreign Policy / German / North Korea
Hitler views Japanese art in Tokyo, 1939, via Bundesarchiv

This essay was written in Seattle in October 2011. Today I spent some time leafing through a solemn black notebook filled with sketches made primarily in the stacks at the University of Washington Suzzalo Library, reminding myself that not all good research is immediately digitized. Sometimes it takes a few months before a certain concept can swim down to the bottom of one’s consciousness and take root.  After all, in the intervening time between the initial […]

Inside North Korea: French Edition

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EU-East Asia relations / French / history and memory / Korean War / North Korea / North Korean border region

I found this French film, apparently shot in spring 2010, to be better than most treatments of the North Korean tourist experience.  Among other things, a young North Korean “rapper” is encountered in an amusement park (at 12:31), North Korean rallies are accompanied by music by Philip Glass, and the piece benefits from the use of some selected extracts from North Korean film archives. In Part II, one gets a sense of how French tourists […]