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Catching Up on French Reports from China

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Today, prepping a piece on Ai Weiwei in the German press, I popped a few dozen links (beginning with my own “European Sources on East Asia” in my homepage sidebar) and was quickly swimming in excellent, original data from the Francophone world. Why not share it? Like this television report from Beijing about the luxury trade in China and those who work in both its heart and at its margins: Or some footage of President […]

Sino-French Kowtow

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China / Sino-French Relations

As we in Seattle continue to host the inimitable Martin Jacques, author of When China Rules the World, I thought this essay by Pierre Haski at Rue89 about French diminution in the Chinese shadow was particularly apropos.  Assessing the above photo, Haski writes, horrified: C’est la photo qui tue. Sans doute ce « moment décisif » cher à Henri Cartier-Bresson était-il trop tentant pour symboliser la nouvelle puissance chinoise et la contrition de Nicolas Sarkozy qui cherchait […]

Jack Lang in North Korea: Updates

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AFP reports that after ten hours of talks over five days with French envoy Jack Lang, North Korea agreed in principle to further discussion with France over the issue of human rights. Footage of Lang expressively describing his accomplishments and wandering around in the immense lobby of what appears to be the Koryo Hotel can be seen on Chinese television here, in English.   (Lang’s televised intro to Foreign Minister, along with Sarkozy’s wish list, is […]

Paris-Pekin: Supplice chinois

Sino-French Relations

Commentary: Note how in knots the Chinese have the French.  Setting aside the standard discount for French self-flagellation, the following article very much indicates that after forty-five years of relations, the relationship between the two republics, while profitable to each, is very much driven by Chinese imperatives.      excerpt: Marc Epstein, “Paris-Pekin: Supplice chinois: pour mettre fin a la brouille entre les deux pays au sujet du Tibet, la France semble prete a tout. […]