Opium and National Humiliation: Another Commemoration

On June 8, 1944, the German Embassy in Tokyo sent a report back to the Ausw√§rtiges Amt (Foreign Ministry). Unlike so many other files dealing with foreign affairs, at this particular dispatch showed no signs of having encountered Ribbentrop’s blue pencil — the German foreign minister was notoriously narcissistic and had to see the full text of every article mentioning his name. The subject of … Continue reading Opium and National Humiliation: Another Commemoration

China and the Environment

The Copenhagen climate summit runs until December 18, and China has been publicly affirming its interest in the general principles which undergird the conference as a whole: climate change is here, it is sure to accellerate, and it should be viewed as a global threat against which international cooperation is necessarily deployed. Then we get into the nasty specifics. According to a dynamite article in … Continue reading China and the Environment