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China’s Public Square Debate over Nuclear Power: Refracting Germany

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Imagine my suprise to open the webpage of the Huanqiu Shibao this morning to find the headline “German Environmental Ministry Announces that Germany Will Close All Nuclear Plants by 2022.”  The following story/poll looks like this — and please note the minumum of spin: 德国环境部门宣布将于2022年关闭所有核电站 你是否支持中国继续发展核电 支持 不支持 环球网记者谭利娅报道,据法新社5月30日报道,德国环境部门30日早间宣布,德国到2022年将关闭国内全部核电站,这将成为全球主要工业化国家中首个放弃核电的国家。 自今年3月份日本大地震引发福岛第一核电站发生核泄漏事故以来,多个国家陆续掀起一场有关核能安全性的讨论。据德国媒体报道,5月28日德国有几十万民众上街游行,反对核电站继续存在。 In other words: Do you or don’t you support China continuing to develop nuclear power plants? (Click “Support” “Don’t support”) Huanqiu Shibao internet reporter Tan […]