Faculty Research Page

I was recently asked to update the “Adam Cathcart” entry for the “Faculty Research Page” at Pacific Lutheran University.  I kept one sentence from the old entry and then tallied up other recent activities in the research side of the “Adam Cathcart” ledger. It was judged to be too long and was consequently cut down. I think that ultimately I will need a separate web … Continue reading Faculty Research Page

Comparative War Crimes Trials, Holocaust Conference (Tacoma)

This afternoon I gave a joint research/teaching presentation with Tomaz Jardim of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.: The presentation, which was well attended by a group full of ideas, made me want to read more articles, or create more articles, comparing the postwar trials in Tokyo and Nanking to those in Nuremberg and France.  Certainly some good work has been done on this subject already, … Continue reading Comparative War Crimes Trials, Holocaust Conference (Tacoma)

Contemporary Japan 310/Narcissism 101

I get tons of great ideas from my students.  I’ve been back behind the lectern (sort of like being “behind the wheel” of a smoke-peeling and totally externally terrifying Nascar steed, not to be confused with being “under the wheel”/unterem Rad) for about three weeks now and I can’t count how many new ideas I’ve been exposed to. Just to rattle off a few: *North … Continue reading Contemporary Japan 310/Narcissism 101