Catching Up on French Reports from China

Today, prepping a piece on Ai Weiwei in the German press, I popped a few dozen links (beginning with my own “European Sources on East Asia” in my homepage sidebar) and was quickly swimming in excellent, original data from the Francophone world. Why not share it? Like this television report from Beijing about the luxury trade in China and those who work in both its … Continue reading Catching Up on French Reports from China

Locking Down Beijing [II]

Philippe Grangereau, Liberation’s insightful envoy in China, recently published another fascinating dispatch from Beijing.  On 24 September, underneath a striking photo of Chinese policemen in black training large German shepherds on a blocked-off street in Beijing, Grangereau lays out a somewhat stunning portrait of the capital city: Philippe Grangereau, “Beijing: Forbidden City [Pékin, cité interdite: Le Parti a fait boucler la capitale en prévision d’éventuelles … Continue reading Locking Down Beijing [II]