Beijing Noise

Status Updates: Gulou Neighborhood: Partially destroyed but still alive, hutongs shrinking into ever-smaller pockets, festooned with banners about harmoniously participating in pre-census surveys that should effectively run most undesireables out of the neighborhood by November 1. The Chinese Internet: remains blocked, NY and LA Times are available, Twitter and its biggest Chinese imitator FanFou are both blocked, WordPress is open, Blogspot is blocked.  Unlike … Continue reading Beijing Noise

War Photography over Korea, 1950-1953: Pictures from the PRC Web

For some reason in the last week or so, Chinese websites have been featuring large picture galleries of the American aerial destruction of North Korea in the early 1950s. The most extensive gallery includes 38 images from the U.S. National Archives, and has a title which might be interpreted as sensational: “狂轰滥炸北朝鲜的美国空军高清照片,” or, roughly rendered, “Aerial Photographs of American Air Force’s Ferocious Saturation Bombing of … Continue reading War Photography over Korea, 1950-1953: Pictures from the PRC Web

Huanqiu Impressions

Within its given limits, the Chinese press can be really freewheeling, an exercise for the reader in handling contradictions. Joint statements of Sino-Canadian cooperation sit alongside justifications for executing another three Xinjiang rioters.  Little thumbnail photos of South Korean women’s nightclub attire glow next to Sun Yat-sen-esque oil paintings of Zhou Enlai.  If you can’t handle dissonance, it’s best not to look. Today’s web version … Continue reading Huanqiu Impressions

Cultural Destruction in Kashgar [II]

This summer I translated “Cultural Demolition in Kashgar,” a French story from the dynamic Paris left-wing newspaper Liberation which attracted a wide number of readers via and ended up on the reading list of a number of overseas Uighur organizations. Today Le Monde‘s China blog releases a large cache of similar photos which, for readers following Xinjiang and China’s West, may be of great … Continue reading Cultural Destruction in Kashgar [II]

Strange Photographs of Chinese Power

Read more here about this Zheng He-style effort to create the greatest map of Antartica, with 251 scientists and engineers on board, that the world has ever seen. And Arnaud le Grange describes action in the automotive industry (click on the picture to link the story; in French). And Le Grange again scores, with a an analysis of exhibitions of young Chinese artists at Ullens … Continue reading Strange Photographs of Chinese Power