Extrembergsteiger: Inspiring Photo of the Day

Thanks to one of my blogging mentors at ROK Drop, I’ve come to understand the power of a single photo.  I doubt I’ll be anywhere near daily, but these two, from Der Spiegel’s regular (e.g., German-language) online magazine, of a couple of “Extrembergsteigern” (“extreme mountain climbers”) in the Alps bring inspiration to ever higher efforts, better intonation, elevated word counts, Brahmsian growth…. Continue reading Extrembergsteiger: Inspiring Photo of the Day

Verdant Parks and Skimpy Harvests from North Korea

Yesterday, Xinhua graciously carried a photogallery of autumn scenery in Pyongyang.  If this counts as propaganda, call me aware of my own complicity; but also be content just to enjoy the pictures for once: Of course, Xinhua follows up these exquisite gems with unadorned accounts of Kim Jong-il’s visit to a chicken farm in restive North Pyong’an province (are you even aware, much less concerned, … Continue reading Verdant Parks and Skimpy Harvests from North Korea

North Korea in Photographs

I have been enjoying the following photo sites of North Korea: This chronicle of a 2008 Vienna-Pyongyang rail journey includes photos of North Korean areas like Ongsan, near Tumen, China.  And Eric Lafourge’s photos of the DPRK are completely incomparable from his three trips spanning fall 2008-spring 2009, just before the May nuclear test.  The following photo is a bit incongrouous (most deal with people … Continue reading North Korea in Photographs