Reading Kim Il Sung’s Memoirs [1]

Although no one seems to be writing about the topic, Kim Il Sung’s life and works are likely to play an important role in justifying any new direction taken in North Korea, just as the present order, just as that life and those works undergird the present order even as the constant public reminders of that early era kindle a certain revolutionary nostalgia in the … Continue reading Reading Kim Il Sung’s Memoirs [1]

KCNA Roundup

Korea Central News Agency — essentially the North Korean equivalent to Xinhua, minus all the foreign bureaus —  was full of news this past week of commemorations of April 15, Kim Il Sung’s birthday, the so-called “Day of the Sun.”  Of these stories, I found this dispatch to be the most strange: A Chinese delegation, it appears, crossed the border at Hyesan and made their … Continue reading KCNA Roundup