Post-Industrial Requiem {I}

Not requiem for a blog, fortunately.  After some nine days of nebulous nonsense, finally bolted from morasses multiple, the author has returned to seek the fulcrum, and — now to the point — seems to have found again the necromancy of production, though, sadly, not yet in the Asiatic mode.  But such prose shall have to suffice, so let it recommence with the more condensed … Continue reading Post-Industrial Requiem {I}

Bertold Brecht in North Korea

Well, more like Brecht for North Korea.  North Koreans may need Bibles, but no less, they need the acidic and informed spite, the angular mockery of state power which is offered by the German dramatist and writer Bertold Brecht and, to a lesser but perhaps more visceral degree, the poison-penned irony of Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich. So with ambitions to get this translated into Korean … Continue reading Bertold Brecht in North Korea

December 7 in Chongqing

This morning I gave one of those lectures I enjoy delivering because it wakes people up and reconnects me with my Sino-Japanese research: a survey of aerial bombing of civilian populations during World War II (1937-1945). In the context of a class already primed for war crimes research studying the Rape of Nanking through the galvanizing lens of Iris Chang, it is important to broaden … Continue reading December 7 in Chongqing

Inner Dialogue

Summer, the era of the self, is over, and the academic year begins.  Narcissus goes into hiding in a cave by the border, lurking, perhaps to infiltrate one’s apartment in the wee hours when the cops have stopped cruising.  The docks and harbors in Tacoma undulate with aimless slow motion, train whistles echo, and the museums of downtown collide up against one’s vision, testament to … Continue reading Inner Dialogue


巴黎,永远与隆重欢迎无睡之胜利者 今天它躺着如个破碎闪光预言者 云海哲学家查阅姹紫嫣红的油画词典 (是什么知识女神创造 les feutillons disparu?) 我让他们批评我的痴心妄想,但口不开 — mon solitude, glorieuse et taillé du vert le plus profond, reviens encore — 所以我恩恩鼓励自己,精心精心精心做您的任务,avec soigneusement preparée les course, gagne la vie 突然把握自己的命运 和前进,toujours 前进了 (这儿?但是我没有鞋,没形正同盟 — 哇 garçcon,都好了吧!) 把所有黑压压的伤痕和过去的受到怠慢忘了, 从之外土地到我古爱北方老乡的十字河,最后意知能到遗忘河 崇拜什么没有音乐里面的破书 Continue reading 巴黎巴黎

Macht vom Kunst

Macht vom Kunst [après/after Nietzsche] Die Feind b’reit sich für Angriff vor, schon reich von Zeit und Land. Dagegen sanfte Vöglein schweben, hauen von gelber Hand. Furchtlos und klein, dies Änglein mein ist auch aber nicht so friedensvoll. Sie störren nicht welches’ ordentlich, Gut. Aber wenn die Leiden schafft sich vor den anders behändelt ist. Dies’ Kunstlerin geblendet ist wie Feuer vom Liebe und Hass, … Continue reading Macht vom Kunst