Revolutionary Nostalgia

Nobody does public memory like the Germans.  Der Spiegel reports on the multiple channels of commemorations of the “turning-point year,” 1989.  The magazine excerpts, in red, are followed by my ruminations on the connections between East Germany’s past and North Korea’s future.  Berlin Exhibit Gives Kids Glimpse of East Germany By Emma Bullimore For kids living in Germany today, the former East Germany is just … Continue reading Revolutionary Nostalgia

Remembering Tiananmen and 1989 in Europe [1]

June 4, 1989 may lay buried under new epochs already, but the meaning of that date for China and its observers is clearly going to continue reverberate for decades. The Germans, perhaps most of all.  China was, and remains, highly sensitive to commemorations of June 4, 1989, but for Germans, the inspiration of the Chinese student movement of the 1980s, and the violent end to … Continue reading Remembering Tiananmen and 1989 in Europe [1]