China-Iran-Russia: Geopolitics and Soft Power

Via Professor Juan Cole’s groundbreaking Informed Comment website, an illustrated commentary on Sino-Iranian relations by Pepe Escobar in France (in English): Then, via Al Jezeera’s English service, a short report on China’s Iran moves in October: The best look at the deep structure of Sino-Iran relations today is probably my colleague John Garver’s work, Ancient Partners in a Post-Imperial World, published here in Seattle at … Continue reading China-Iran-Russia: Geopolitics and Soft Power

The Rex

Tonight, quite unintentionally, I played a show at The Rex, a bar in Duluth, Minnesota, and with my cello and voice wrote and performed a new song which juxtaposed the pride of elite North Koreans in their system with the anger caused in the West by the North Korean people’s inability to recognize their own predicament.  Farce and sarcasm are therefore given a turn.  Speaking of farce, it … Continue reading The Rex