Sino-Japanese Apprehension

At the Beijing airport, border security personnel yesterday refused the entry into the PRC of Japanese scholar Naoko Mizutani on the grounds that she was a supporter of Uighur indepdence.  Huanqiu Shibao reported on the incident, basing its information somewhat on this Yomiuri Shimbun report, which I include below: Chinese authorities refused to allow a Chuo University lecturer who has been studying Uygur issues to … Continue reading Sino-Japanese Apprehension

If China Did Something Right, Would Anyone Notice?

Ever since the Amercian press corps wandered into dusty Yanan in the rumpled personage of a 30-year old named Edgar Snow in 1935, it seems that Western views of the Chinese Communist Party, and of China itself, have oscillated greatly.  At times, China and the West come into convergence as to how to view politics on the mainland.  In the late 1930s, both China and … Continue reading If China Did Something Right, Would Anyone Notice?

Death of Chang Song U / DPRK updates

Surprisingly, this story seems not yet to have been picked up by English-language media.  Chang Song U, the brother of Chang Song Taek and a higher-up in the DPRK bureaucracy, was reported on August 25 by KCNA to have died.  Kim Jong Il was said to be saddened; much more detail is available in Chinese. In the meantime, North Korean media is celebrating Youth Day, … Continue reading Death of Chang Song U / DPRK updates