Sino-NK Developments / 中朝消息

Several rather interesting Sino-North Korean stories have come across the transom recently.  And isn’t that what life is all about: stories?  Narratives have power, particularly when they change.  Some arguments and stories which we may have believed to be immutable – such as Chinese support for North Korea on the refugee issue – may in fact be changing before our very eyes. Indications of a … Continue reading Sino-NK Developments / 中朝消息

Borderline News from NK: Hyesan and Forest Fires

Hyesan is getting spruced up with some funds from the center. Meanwhile, the ever-vigilant Juchechosunmanse digs up a real find: Back in October North Korea watchers were perplexed by the fires in the DPRK’s northeast, namely in Ryanggang-do and Hamgyong-bukdo. The Daily NK has just reported [ed. in Chinese] that the forest fires were caused by people burning corn roots to get rid of insects and worms in … Continue reading Borderline News from NK: Hyesan and Forest Fires