Today the Chinese Visa Office in San Francisco is as delightful as usual, snug on a corner in Japantown.   After the commerce has been transacted, and the chatting done with the Russian immigrant security guard, I exit.  Here the sunlight splashes down on a California day, and the nice Falun Gong lady just outside smiles, her back to the drawings of vivisections and the obligatory … Continue reading Overabundance

Blogging from San Francisco

For the next few days, I’m in San Francisco (旧金山) primarily taking care of some research at Stanford University. Specifically, I am digging into the Iris Chang papers at the Hoover Institution Archives, and revisiting bacteriological warfare expert Sheldon Harris’ papers in the same bunker of information. I anticipate meeting up with some colleagues and junior scholars, including a “Reservoir Dogs” style posse from the … Continue reading Blogging from San Francisco