Virtually nothing was posted in January because I was parted from my main axe in Seattle; she needed work, and I needed time to teach and lecture and write, here and in London.  Now the sphere turns and all things return into my waiting hands: the cello, the bow, the black keyboard.  And a microphone awaits as well.  And thus this Bach, raw, an initial … Continue reading Solo

Let a Green Curtain Descend…

We should be both sorrowful and proud when friends depart, they finding the world in distress and applying their immense energies and talents to its re-balancing.  The ecologists thus leave Seattle, twist about the earth on cloudy threads, leaving our human hive behind in order to join the company of northern wolves and whales among ice floes.  The professor of East Asia is thus left … Continue reading Let a Green Curtain Descend…

North Korea Notes

The Hu-Obama Summit has already been subjected to some of the most intense lobbying pressures known to man.  From big business to human rights groups to the defense hawks in both countries, both executives have probably had it up to their ears (or, in Hu’s case, his lengthening and positively Cheneyewque jowls) with being pushed to push his counterpart on a given issue.  This being … Continue reading North Korea Notes

Augur the Year of the Tiger

Sun storm globule, rain in giant droplets/strikes Chinatown, and dolorous wandering in grey/gives way to a hail of light perceived through a thin haze of duck fat Firecrackers pop their secco revolts / of a New Year on water’s edge / as if the drums had been riden over and across / the vast belly of the Sound, twisting thro green ferries full of white automobiles and plastic bags strained with weight Do … Continue reading Augur the Year of the Tiger

Liquid Architecture and Measured Resistance

Perusing the nifty KoreAm blog, and finding Eugene Kim’s posts on architecture to be worthwhile, I found some photos of a newly-designed floating stage on the Han River in Seoul. Rather than conjuring visions of the Hollywood bowl, I first thought that Seoul looked like a Yanji with a lot more money.  But then my second thought was of Tacoma, the singed kalbi center of … Continue reading Liquid Architecture and Measured Resistance

This Ain’t Dallas: NYT on Seattle Teriyaki

This is, sadly, no food blog, but the following article from the New York Times has been giving me a great deal of joy lately and I thought I’d share: “Seattle has a thousand teriyakis,” Mrs. Ko said one afternoon. Her tone was dismissive, as if explaining the looming presence of the Space Needle to a not particularly bright child. “No Americans do the cooking. … Continue reading This Ain’t Dallas: NYT on Seattle Teriyaki

Russia’s Pacific Ambitions // Stalin and the GWOT

Working, living, and floating around the Puget Sound gives one a certain connection to the power of the Russian Far East.  Colleagues describe their struggles with Sakhalin dialect; whale-watchers plug the jukebox while wondering aloud if their mammals slide past Wonson en route to the Kamchatka spawning; sea-lion counters exude happiness upon return from the mists of mossy aerodromes in northern Kuriles; friends from Khabarovsk  … Continue reading Russia’s Pacific Ambitions // Stalin and the GWOT

Reflections on Fieldwork, Forthcoming, and the Battlefield of Peer Review

Forthcoming After using this blog to pump up my collaborative effort with Chuck Kraus in Journal of Korean Studies to understand a concrete instance of rebellion in North Korea, it occurred to me that I had another essay floating through the system about rebellion in an earlier period in Korea. I did some checking and it appears that my short article on the Tonghak Rebellion … Continue reading Reflections on Fieldwork, Forthcoming, and the Battlefield of Peer Review

Eliezer peer review

Most peer reviews are anonymous. And that is fine. But I recently received a very interesting peer review of this particular “publication,” this weblog, and I thought I might as well affiche it up. Because it is far, far more brilliant than anything yet written heretofore on said “blog.” It arose like a flaming phoenix from the mind of Gurarie, Eliezer, he of multiple origins … Continue reading Eliezer peer review