Edward Said as Prose Stylist

I recently was confronted with the absolute revelation of the parallel career of Edward Said, comparative literature professor at New York University and famous analyst of the Arab world, as nothing other than a music critic and musicologist. His Music at the Limits: Three Decades of Essays and Articles on Music includes an introduction by Daniel Barenboim, but it is Said’s writing and grasp of … Continue reading Edward Said as Prose Stylist

Rejection Leaves Me Optimistic

Somehow in April I managed to, in the space of about ten days, crush out a fifteen-page manuscript on the subject of, among other things, popular music in North Korea and its future. Two weeks ago, one anonymous review came back — and it was golden, praising my originality and intellectual daring. Today, I received the second review and it was a torpedo, characterizing my … Continue reading Rejection Leaves Me Optimistic