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Shanghai Impressions, or, What Cellistic Ennui Tells Us about Cultural Dynamics in the Sino-North Korean Relationship

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A few days in Shanghai rarely fails to reorient one immediately from wherever illusory place one has been prior.  In Shanghai, China’s upward thrust is paired with its revolutionary guts, its past foreign dominance juxtaposed at every turn with the new impositions of 1949.  Art of various kinds slides past taxi windows, and the low and sulfurous scent of commerce being transacted hand over fist leaves a low undertone to practically every act undertaken after […]

Study in Contrasts: US and France Regard the Shanghai Expo

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I spent part of this weekend watching American diplomats on C-SPAN describing how great everything is going at the American pavilion at the Shanghai Expo.   Hillary Clinton, having tactfully boxed President Karzai into a corner in his recent visit to Washington, is finally focusing again on East Asia. Conducting foreign wars with the help of corrupt allies, it seems, has a way of usurping one’s attention.  Even President Obama’s “town hall meeting” in Buffalo […]

China Youth Daily’s Report on the North Korean Pavilion in Shanghai

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East Asian modernity / Sino-North Korean relations

Zheng Pingping[郑萍萍], “After 159 Years, North Korea Participates in its First World Expo [159年后,朝鲜首次参加世博会],” China Youth Daily [中国青年报], May 1, 2010.  Translation by Adam Cathcart. 4月30日,即将揭开大幕的世博园区里略显安静,第一次参加世博会的朝鲜馆朴素亮相。“世博会是中国的喜事,我们把中国的喜事当成自己的喜事一样高兴。”世博会试运行期间,朝鲜馆负责人、朝鲜商业会议所副会长李成云几乎整天都站在馆门口,微笑迎接观众。这是自1851年英国伦敦举办第一届世博会以来,朝鲜第一次参加世博会。朝鲜馆成为很多中国游客的目标,高峰时期进入朝鲜馆,要排队半个小时左右。来上海参加世博一日游的常州市民李健,购买了一幅朝鲜的工艺画后,又回到入口,向佩戴着金日成头像的李成云询问画家的名字。  李成云对《中国青年报》记者说,朝中友谊历史久远,四五十岁的中国人都对《卖花姑娘》这样的朝鲜歌曲耳熟能详,所以要借世博会的机会,给上海市民、中国人民带来惊喜,给他们留下今日朝鲜的好印象。 On April 30, the eve of the curtain-raising ceremonies, a site within the World Park district sits slightly quietly, the simple debut of a North Korean pavilion at a World Expo.  Li Songyun [李成云], the Vice-Director of the DPRK’s Business Conference Office and the  North Korean responsible for […]

Obama in Shanghai / 奥巴马在上海,第一

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Finally, a story worth reading about Obama’s trip to China. And for the record, it’s normal for top university students to be a members of the Communist Youth League, or 青年团.  Does anyone have an idea of how hard it is to get a job for college graduates in China today?  Membership in the Youth League can often help with employment, getting recommendations, etc.  It’s a bit like a student club in the U.S., just […]

China Still Shielding Pyongyang from Domestic Media Criticism

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Sino-North Korean relations

Li Ruigang, head of Shanghai Media Group, was recently summoned to Beijing for a verbal drubbing on account of his company’s critical documentary about North Korea. This of course indicates the limits of criticism, explicit or implicit, of North Korea within China’s political system. Even in relatively open cities like Shanghai, one cannot go too far, and China needs constantly to keep in mind in monitoring its own media that the North Koreans are on […]