Obedient, Intransigent North Korea in the Chinese Media

Thanks to the ever-productive Joshua Stanton at the very useful but hopelessly Anglophone (and somewhat impervious) command post for North Korean counter-revolution known as One Free Korea, I got motivated to do some more analysis of Chinese sources touching upon the recent flare-up in the sea to the west (and north!) of the DMZ in Korea. As I see it, Chinese media strategy as regards … Continue reading Obedient, Intransigent North Korea in the Chinese Media

US-China Scuffles

An outbreak of Korea-related materials have the present author slightly detained at the moment, but one can’t help but notice the sharp deterioration of public rhetoric in the US-China relationship. Shen Dingli, one of China’s most prominent establishment intellectuals, has a large new editorial in the Global Times (in Chinese) on the Google issue, confronting the freedom of information issue head-on. (Big surprise: national security … Continue reading US-China Scuffles

French Press: East Asia Tropes

Le Monde Diplomatique (法国世界外交论衡月刊)is one of the more thoughtful periodicals from the French perspective on foreign affairs, available (partially) here in English (中文版打这儿).   The compendium of foreign affairs essays has a good track record of covering the North Korean perspective from various perspectives, to wit:  This essay by Chinese scholar Shen Dingli (of Fudan University in Shanghai, much hated on by rollback blogs like Joshua Stanton’s) argues that North Korea, even … Continue reading French Press: East Asia Tropes