Huanqiu Impressions

Within its given limits, the Chinese press can be really freewheeling, an exercise for the reader in handling contradictions. Joint statements of Sino-Canadian cooperation sit alongside justifications for executing another three Xinjiang rioters.  Little thumbnail photos of South Korean women’s nightclub attire glow next to Sun Yat-sen-esque oil paintings of Zhou Enlai.  If you can’t handle dissonance, it’s best not to look. Today’s web version … Continue reading Huanqiu Impressions

Notes on Chinese Espionage and Military Power

This morning the American HLN channel, an affiliate of CNN, reported on Chinese espionage conducted against the United States, particularly in the area of cyber-warfare.  This report, while not yet online, indicates a slow build in similar reports, including this summer’s allegations in Los Angeles of a Chinese-born Boeing engineer for passing some 300,000 sensitive aerospace documents to the Chinese government. Chinese media has been … Continue reading Notes on Chinese Espionage and Military Power