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Journalist Expulsions and Beijing’s Counterterrorism Narrative

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Counterterrorism in China, Langfang, 2014

2015 was supposedly a triumphant year for the Chinese Communist Party, but the CCP seemed determined to end the year on a landslide of insecurity with respect to the foreign journalists within its borders. The expulsion of French journalist Ursela Gauthier was, of course, the primary case in point. As Gauthier noted, her case was not just about her single report and subsequent failure to engage in “serious introspection” and apologize to “the Chinese people” — it […]

Sino-French Soliloquies

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Word counts don’t mean so much at the end of the day, the release of a big article manuscript into the hands of a capable editor should always be grounds for a minor celebration.   It also seems clear that in writing as in life it is good to have a little bit too much of everything — of friendship, of commitments, of food, of music, and of words. So this morning I woke up and […]

Self-Regard and Foreign News in Today’s Chinese Press

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By “today’s Chinese press,” I mean today’s (December 28th-29th). So let’s get on with it: 1. Dr. Kim will take your questions One of the big questions we all should have as we communicate outwardly with this great medium of online technology, is: does the internet really serve as a connector and knowledge facilitator, or does its use just drive us more inward, rendering societies more nationalistic, even tribal, as a result or in spite […]

Rechauffement: China and France Make Nice

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French diplomacy in East Asia has been proceeding apace.  Last month’s visit to North Korea by special envoy Jack Lang seems to have borne fruit: Paris announced it was on track to set up a liaison office in Pyongyang for economic, cultural, and linguistic exchange as a step toward full relations with the DPRK.  Lest this step be ridiculed, it’s worth considering that the Obama administration has now announced its interest in following a similar […]

He’s Making a List, and Checking It Eight

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Before you “check your loot” for the holiday, consider checking out the following eight stories: 1. This Global Times story (in English) digested from Yonhap and AFP reports of the inevitability of North Korean miniaturization of nuclear weapons.  That China is reporting on this as well indicates that the CCP recognizes that, as bad as things have been lately with North Korean nuclear tests, things could and probably will get much worse if North Korea […]

“Red Princess” at the Debutante Ball, Paris

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Chinese communist party / Sino-French Relations

Le Figaro‘s always-divergent China blog carries a high-society/CCP mash-up with a recent entry regarding Jasmine Li, the youngest daughter of Jia Qinglin,  No. 4 in the Party hierarchy and one of the nine permanent members of the CCP Politburo.   Jasmine Li, following in the footsteps of other “red princes” (wealthy scions of the revolutionary elite), spent last weekend at the Bal du Debutantes in the Hôtel de Crillon, on the rue Royale in Paris. […]

New Work on Sino-French Relations in the 1950s

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Sino-French Relations

One of the most enjoyable things I get to do in the summer is to travel to archives and research facilities in various countries to seek out new sources which serve as the basis of new articles and manuscripts.  As summer, that lovely season, is apparently coming to an end (how?  with a bang not a whimper),  I  wanted to share the abstract of an article that I have been working up.  This is something […]