Tremors on the Periphery: Sinuiju Unrest

Yesterday I got a message from one of my favorite North Korea specialists, Owen Miller at the School of Oriental and African Sciences in London, concening a recent disturbance in Sinuiju, the northwesternmost city in the DPRK and a bellwether when it comes to regime intentions and popular resistance. More information about the protests is available via Chosun Ilbo (Korean version here), as well as … Continue reading Tremors on the Periphery: Sinuiju Unrest

Students in Sinuiju, DPRK

The Daily NK reports that sightings of a few large boatloads of students in the large North Korean border city of Sinuiju are indications that the DPRK’s fuel shortages have abated, and that ferry service in Sinuiju (most likely to Uiju, upriver) is back in operation.  These are quite some photographs for anyone who has spent time in Dandong.  Normally it is the Chinese who … Continue reading Students in Sinuiju, DPRK

Thoughts on the Great North Korean Rebellion

Recent posts by Joshua Stanton at One Free Korea prompted me to do some thinking about the prospects of a “hard landing” for North Korea, or the notion that somehow popular discontent leads to an anti-regime upheaval. It seems likely that the 150-day campaign, which may have been meant to provide at least minimal claims of achievement for a (now-in-remission) move to crown a successor, … Continue reading Thoughts on the Great North Korean Rebellion