Chinese Strategy and South Korea

My newest essay, a study commissioned by the National Bureau of Asian Research and introduced and edited by Nadège Rolland, was published on 25 August. The chapter is not paywalled, and resides within the framework of a larger study of Chinese geopolitics in the Xi Jinping era. Read @adamcathcart's essay about #China's strategy toward #SouthKorea in NBR's new special report! Cathcart analyzes the role of … Continue reading Chinese Strategy and South Korea

Obedient, Intransigent North Korea in the Chinese Media

Thanks to the ever-productive Joshua Stanton at the very useful but hopelessly Anglophone (and somewhat impervious) command post for North Korean counter-revolution known as One Free Korea, I got motivated to do some more analysis of Chinese sources touching upon the recent flare-up in the sea to the west (and north!) of the DMZ in Korea. As I see it, Chinese media strategy as regards … Continue reading Obedient, Intransigent North Korea in the Chinese Media

Borderland Updates 中朝边区的消息

1. Wangqing County government in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture brings you a fantastic image of how cadre spend a full afternoon.  Something tells me these guys didn’t get the “no smoking” memo. I recommend clicking on the picture and watching the facial expression of the cadre all the way at the right side of the table.  Isn’t he excited that the county is investing … Continue reading Borderland Updates 中朝边区的消息

News and Background on Sino-Korean Relations

The South Korean satellite launch is getting short shrift in American media, but the PRC’s Global Times gives it top billing. I think this indicates that China is, as it ought to be, still skeptical toward both Koreas and that rebuking the DPRK over its recent hard line does not automatically equate to full embrace of ROK imperatives. I’m finishing up a review for Korean … Continue reading News and Background on Sino-Korean Relations