Eyes on Tibet

Amid all of the recent speculation over the impact of Egypt’s democratic movement on the Chinese domestic milieu, you may have missed this set of rather-hard line statements by CCP officials in Tibet about smashing separatism.  JustRecently, who has been on fire lately with such things as Google’s position in China, has a good review of some rather pro-India statements made recently by the Dalai … Continue reading Eyes on Tibet

No Silence for the Unsubjugated: Woeser in the Parisian Press

Han ideograms of self-praise tattoo the walls of the echo chamber of the PRC; millions of yuan are tilted downward as if out of dump trucks, rushing into the cultural bureaucracy which promotes an official and commodified version of Tibetan culture.  China is engaged in a great and perpetual project of unification, of 融合 [rong he].   Within that deafening and totalizing discourse of the People’s … Continue reading No Silence for the Unsubjugated: Woeser in the Parisian Press

Reading Tibetan-Chinese History in the PRC

The historical question of Tibet ’s administrative and cultural linkage to Chinese central governments prior to October 1950 is a matter of consequential debate. As with other Tibetan topics which appear to have garnered sustained attention from central authorities in Beijing , the development of scholarship on Tibet ’s historical linkages with China has reached a rather fecund status. Unsurprisingly, the immense financial resources which … Continue reading Reading Tibetan-Chinese History in the PRC

Contested Era, Blossoming Memory: Reconsidering the Early 1950s in the Present PRC

In walking around Chinese book markets, perusing Chinese newspapers, talking to Chinese scholars and intellectuals, and just plain thinking here in the PRC, the remarkable fact emerges of the enormous gap between what is printed and discussed here and how we talk about it back in the West. In other words, there are some thorny themes being worked out here in the PRC that seem … Continue reading Contested Era, Blossoming Memory: Reconsidering the Early 1950s in the Present PRC

Tibetan Language Education in Greater Tibet

JustRecently has posted an excellent summary (including a link to this Global Times story) of the recent protests in Qinghai province surrounding the issue of Tibetan vs. Mandarin language education.  This is clearly the crux of a great deal of speculation and hope and frustration about the future of the Tibetan culture and language both in the Tibetan Autonomous Region and in the vast areas to … Continue reading Tibetan Language Education in Greater Tibet

Notes from Lhasa

Through some magnificent quirk of fate I am in Lhasa, and it is National Day in the PRC.  On this cool autumn morning, I stood on the long stone steps of the Potala Palace, watching phalanxes of People’s Liberation Army troops pour out in succession — their chests thrust forward, expansive, the sounds of their military songs beating sharply off of the white and red … Continue reading Notes from Lhasa

PRC Portraiture // Tibet Commemorations

Images 1 and 2 are entries in a large national portraiture exhibition which opened yesterday in Beijing; images 3 and 4 are Xinhua products, linked to stories about the March 28 commemorations of the Dalai Lama’s exit from Tibet in 1959 (see Chicago Manual of Style for the ethics of “shock quotes,” links to all pages are on the images themselves). Continue reading PRC Portraiture // Tibet Commemorations

Sven Hedin and Owen Lattimore

Since I spent some time reading in explorer/scholar Owen Lattimore’s letters today in the archive, and we’re doing a bit of German-Japanese wartime ties research over here, it would be criminal not to link to this excellent resource of Sven Hedin research at the University of Washington and this tumultous overview of his career by his fellow Swedes.  In the pantheon of scholars who were also … Continue reading Sven Hedin and Owen Lattimore

Portland-Tibet Update

On March 11, the English-language China Daily contained an editorial upbraiding the city of Portland for its “Tibet Awareness Day.”  Suffice it to say that while China Daily has recently had a makeover, the publication’s content remains as stodgy  as ever: Portland politicians were “celebrat[ing] a handful of fanatics trumpeting Tibet independence while turning a blind eye to either history or the status quo of … Continue reading Portland-Tibet Update

Wen Jiabao: America Offends China with Dalai Lama and Arms Sales to Taiwan

Today Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao gave press conference in the Great Hall of the People.  A question from an AFP reporter got him focused on US-China relations.  Although I haven’t been able to find it yet in English (or in French, for that matter), the Huanqiu Shibao (Global Times) has released a transcript of the related content: [温家宝]:不畏浮云遮望眼,只因身在最高层。我们应该从这样的高度来把握两国关系。奥巴马总统入主白宫以后,中美关系有个良好的开端。 [温家宝]:但是最近一段时期,美方在达赖喇嘛访美和对台军售等问题上触犯了中国的主权和领土完整,使中美关系受到严重的干扰,这个责任不在中国,而在美方。 [温家宝]:中美三个联合公报是中美关系的基础,我们希望美方能够正视问题,以实际行动回到三个公报的基础上来,使中美关系得以恢复和改善。 [温家宝]:我曾经讲过,中美建交30年的历史告诉我们,和则两利、斗则俱伤,互信则进、猜忌则退。对话比对抗好,合作比遏制好,伙伴比对手好,我们应该从这样的角度来努力促进中美关系的发展。 I’ll translate this later … Continue reading Wen Jiabao: America Offends China with Dalai Lama and Arms Sales to Taiwan