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No Silence for the Unsubjugated: Woeser in the Parisian Press

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Han ideograms of self-praise tattoo the walls of the echo chamber of the PRC; millions of yuan are tilted downward as if out of dump trucks, rushing into the cultural bureaucracy which promotes an official and commodified version of Tibetan culture.  China is engaged in a great and perpetual project of unification, of 融合 [rong he].   Within that deafening and totalizing discourse of the People’s Republic of China, itself mixed in with no small amount […]

The “Ground Zero Mosque”: The View from China

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American Foreign Policy / China / Chinese communist party / Cultural Politics / Huanqiu Shibao

I spent about an hour yesterday at China’s biggest mosque, which is located not in Beijing or Urumuqi, but in Xi’an, the hub of Shaanxi province and the gateway to the West.  I had been thinking over in my amateur way a few issues relating to Islam recently and, after gathering in the preparation for a call to prayer near one side of the mosque whose wall was, like so many other locations in Xi’an, […]

Hu Jintao in Xinjiang

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Hu in first visit to Xinjiang since deadly rioting Ivan Zhai ; Additional reporting by Reuters, Associated Press South China Morning Post 26 Aug 2009 President Hu Jintao has visited Xinjiang for the first time since the deadly riots in Urumqi early last month and claimed victory against the “ three forces” of separatism, terrorism and extremism. Almost 200 people died and more than 2,000 were…read more…

Things I was going to explain before July finished [I]

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I was going to explain how the CCP is launching a new English-language magazine called Qiushi to bolster its theoretical marketability and soft power among the mild left of North America, and further to explain that the Party will spend 45 billion yuan this year on overseas Xinhua expansion which is quite possibly a sum more worthy than this year’s entire budget for Voice of America [Woods Lee, South China Morning Post 24 July 2009]; […]

Xinjiang in Le Figaro

China / French

Le Figaro publishes a solid dispatch from Turkey; translation below: Laure Marchand, “Istanbul, capitale des refugies ouigours [Istanbul, capital of Uighur refugees],” Le Figaro, 20 July 2009, p. 6. More than 300,000 members strong, the Uighur diaspora is able to count on the sympathy of Turkish public opinion, but Ankara spares its critiques against Peking for economic reasons. Istanbul Installed in a stampeded bazaar, Abulresit, a Uighur shopkeeper, does not address a single word to […]

Violence in Xinjiang: The View from Linjiang City, Jilin / 临江市

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China / North Korean border region

Views of Xinjiang violence from other ethnic zones Often lost in the shuffle of news reports about Xinjiang is inter-minority relations; that is to say, how do various other Chinese minorities, or shaoshu minzu / 少数民族 view the actions in Xinjiang?  This would seem to be a consequential question for the CCP and for foreign observers who prognosticate future fragmentation for the PRC.  After all, “a spark can start a prairie fire,” and social movements […]

Uighurs in Guantanamo – Will Nine Go to Munich?

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American Foreign Policy / China / German / U.S.-China Relations

Hamburg’s Die Zeit features a brace of editorials debating if Germany should accept the request of the Obama administration to take 9 of the 17 remaining Uighur detainees from Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay in order to facilitate the closing of the prison there. The Uighurs have the ability to destabilize relations with the PRC, however, since both the US and the PRC agree that the ETIM [East Turkestan Independence Movement] is a terrorist organization. […]