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On Today’s UN General Assembly Discussion: China-DPRK Notes

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China / Sino-North Korean relations

The arrival of this resolution, which is being voted on today in New York, should come as no surprise to the North Korean government. The language being considered for General Assembly adoption mirrors language which the Human Rights Council has been advocating for the last couple of years. Recently lobbying in Europe, and via North Korea’s Cold War ally Cuba, has not succeeded in watering down the language. The resolution actually praises the North Korean government in […]

High Altitude Social Isolation Tense Political Situation = Dream Job for Foreign Aid Worker in Tibet

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China / East Asian modernity / Environmental Politics in East Asia / EU-East Asia relations / French / Tibet / US-North Korea relations

In the best cases, one of the unheralded side benefits of being a professor involves the holding of office hours, the offering of an open door.  This morning, the open door resulted in two very interesting meetings. My first meeting was with a very sharp ROTC officer, and ran the gamut of globe and various points of American military intervention.  To the benefit of readers of this blog focusing on Korea, the meeting resulted in […]

“War Could Break Out at Any Time”: DPRK Diplomats on the Offensive

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Korean War / North Korea / Sino-North Korean relations / US-North Korea relations

Two recent reports have evidenced some noteworthy statements by North Korean diplomats abroad.  Clearly, they are spreading the word: the DPRK is not at fault for the Cheonan incident, the South Koreans (and the Americans, and the Japanese) are manipulating the investigation for political gain, and, most importantly, that war could break out at any time. Huanqiu Shibao reports [translation by Adam Cathcart]: 环球网实习记者高倩报道,据英国路透社6月3日消息,朝鲜一名特使3日称,由于“天安号”事件导致朝韩紧张局势不断升级,朝鲜半岛随时可能爆发战争。Huanqiu internet reporting intern Gao Qing reports that according to news disclosed […]

US-China Joint Patrols in Haiti

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American Foreign Policy / U.S.-China Relations

The small left-wing press in my current haunts of Seattle and Olympia have been scattering pamphlets decrying the militarization of the U.S. response to the humanitarian disaster in Haiti, but it appears that something that might be considered positive news is occurring as well: joint patrols, even as China threatens to further curtail military-military contacts with Washington. (Via the War is Boring blog; thanks to K. Knodell, a recent returnee from Dubai, for the link.) […]

I Saw This Coming in 1935

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American Foreign Policy / Pensee / World War II

Scene: Kennedy-era Post Office in Tacoma, Washington.  An overcast, cool day.  People stand in line, shuffling through envelopes tangled with rubber bands and loopy writing.  I am preparing a small mailing to a friend. Everything sifts out and I lift my eyes.  An old man stands in front of me in the line, alert, a little smile on his lips.  He wears a maroon plaid shirt, has a little band-aid on his smooth left cheek, […]