This is What Sino-Japanese Friendship Looks Like

Congratulations, Japan, and thank you Toyota.  [And thanks to Singularity Hub and the tongue-twisting Daily Discovegestionary Babel for the links.]  You have now officially captured the hearts of the Chinese people by designing a robot that not only has perfect bow placement and can vibrato on long notes, but one that plays Chinese folk songs at the Shanghai Expo.  This is a feat that not … Continue reading This is What Sino-Japanese Friendship Looks Like

Yann Tiersen Concert

Tiersen is in town, and the French are back. Much prevaricated against this event taking place at all. After all, as this blog has reported, the Chinese masses (or at least the mass media) has not been friendly of late to France. In addition to prevaricating against the mayor of France for hosting the Dalai Lama, the Chinese media also recently mocked Sarkozy for standing … Continue reading Yann Tiersen Concert