Washington Times / Huanqiu Watch

It seems there could be few things more interesting than sitting half-court, like a satiated canine, at a tennis match between the editors of the Washington Times and the (Beijing) Global Times (aka Huanqiu Shibao / 环球时报). Recent Huanqiu stories have formed around a few staunch batteries (as in artillery emplacements): – Constant feeding and re-feeding of the Google story far beyond the capacity of … Continue reading Washington Times / Huanqiu Watch

“Obama’s low bow subjected to scrutiny”: Chinese Media

Global Times in Beijing, no friend to Japan, now carries the story of Obama’s low bow to Emperor Akihito, quoting the Washington Times and all.   The story is carried by the same paper in Chinese here.  It took a couple of days, but the Chinese media is now buzzing with yet another theme. Chinese netizens have some very interesting comments here, replete with some … Continue reading “Obama’s low bow subjected to scrutiny”: Chinese Media