Spiegel, Wand, Mauer: Zur Durchfuhrung

Sheaves of archives are thrown into headlong winds, documents bearing tales of intent: warfare of wills, bodies visibly scarred, tattooed shards of broken minds.  North Americans entered Asia in earnest in the 20th century and often, though God was foremost in their minds, seemed to accelerate and render more efficient the pace of sanguine vengeance.  Thick black lines of borders (which are not lines at … Continue reading Spiegel, Wand, Mauer: Zur Durchfuhrung

Schriftsteller in Abattoir

The day is beginning in Berlin, and there is much to do: data to smash, thoughts to let float, writing to be combed through like twigs on a forest floor.  I thought I might make list and therefore represent the summery burdens which are, at times, light, and, at other times, groaning with incontestable weight.  The present projects in progress, die Werke im Aufbau!  I … Continue reading Schriftsteller in Abattoir

Performance Postscript

This past weekend I had the good fortune of hooking up with dynamo pianist Robert Jorgensen in Olympia, Washington, for a run of performances of cello sonatas by Beethoven and Brahms, with some character pieces by Nadia Boulanger (and her inspiration, Gabriel Faure) for good measure. Before the week explodes inward with its many demands, and all musical thoughts are squeezed to the margins, I … Continue reading Performance Postscript