Republican Reading for the Day

…is on YouTube.  And the online essays on the meaning of the 100th anniversary (today!) of the Chinese republic by Jottings from the Granite [or was it ‘Gangster’?] Studio and the reliably reactionary Global Times, the latter of which audaciously bids “Farewell to the Revolutionary Complex.” Speak, Memory! Continue reading Republican Reading for the Day

Nanjing Commemoration Controversies

University students in China are buzzing over this simple banner at a university in Wuhan, Hubei province: In analyzing the banner, even People’s Daily online is now questioning China’s official culture of reflexive commemoration of Nanking.  After all, commemorations in December, 2007, in Wuhan got fairly heated, and the city is a unique node of remembrance of the War of Resistance, having served for a … Continue reading Nanjing Commemoration Controversies