China Media Review, 16 Feburary 2011

I took the day off from media reviewing, but thought that I might share yesterday’s short video, which has stories about Xinjiang, Tibet, and American broadcasts into China.  It runs just over four minutes, hopefully worth your time. Now with annotations!  I think this YouTube thing has some real potential. Link to the Video Relevant Links on Kasgar destruction: Relevant Links on Tibet … Continue reading China Media Review, 16 Feburary 2011

The “Ground Zero Mosque”: The View from China

I spent about an hour yesterday at China’s biggest mosque, which is located not in Beijing or Urumuqi, but in Xi’an, the hub of Shaanxi province and the gateway to the West.  I had been thinking over in my amateur way a few issues relating to Islam recently and, after gathering in the preparation for a call to prayer near one side of the mosque … Continue reading The “Ground Zero Mosque”: The View from China

Sven Hedin and Owen Lattimore

Since I spent some time reading in explorer/scholar Owen Lattimore’s letters today in the archive, and we’re doing a bit of German-Japanese wartime ties research over here, it would be criminal not to link to this excellent resource of Sven Hedin research at the University of Washington and this tumultous overview of his career by his fellow Swedes.  In the pantheon of scholars who were also … Continue reading Sven Hedin and Owen Lattimore

The ‘Islamic Card’ in PRC ‘People’s Diplomacy’

I can’t recommend highly enough this post by Chuck Kraus at the Foreign Devil blog, entitled Xinjiang, the PRC, and Egypt: The Curious Case of Ma Hanbing’s “The Nile River.”  It’s got excellent graphics, judicious historical perspective, evinces solid writing and, of course, is loaded with good links… Kraus’ post is so excellent that it receives my brand-new (that is to say, the first ever … Continue reading The ‘Islamic Card’ in PRC ‘People’s Diplomacy’

Mizutani Naoko and Xinjiang Updates / 水谷尚子和新疆消息

As was described on this blog on Sunday, Japanese scholar Mizutani Naoko was barred from entering China on Feb. 27 on account of Chinese apprehension toward her activities in support of Xinjiang’s exiled Rebiya Khadeer. Today, Deutsche Welle’s Chinese service interviewed the scholar [rough translation by Adam Cathcart]: 水谷尚子表示,中国作为一个国家有权决定允许谁入境,因此她并不对此表示抗议。但她认为,中国方面拒绝她入境的人并不了解她的观点,她是一位温和派的学 者。她说:”他们可能根本不了解我这个人是什么样思想的人,这让我非常遗憾。我是温和派的人。日本有一些新纳粹,为了打击中国,利用维吾尔人、西藏人,也 有这样的。日本这些新纳粹,非常极端的右翼,甚至是黑社会,这样的人他们都可以进入中国,随便入境。那么,我为什么受到这样特别的对待?”  Mizutani Naoko stated that [she] regarded China as a country which has the right … Continue reading Mizutani Naoko and Xinjiang Updates / 水谷尚子和新疆消息

Sino-Japanese Apprehension

At the Beijing airport, border security personnel yesterday refused the entry into the PRC of Japanese scholar Naoko Mizutani on the grounds that she was a supporter of Uighur indepdence.  Huanqiu Shibao reported on the incident, basing its information somewhat on this Yomiuri Shimbun report, which I include below: Chinese authorities refused to allow a Chuo University lecturer who has been studying Uygur issues to … Continue reading Sino-Japanese Apprehension

Rebiya Khadeer in Western Europe

Ribiya Khadeer may have been rejected from a visit to the isle of Taiwan, but she continues to move internationally and stir discussion of Chinese policies in Xinjiang. This past week she has been in Paris, which I suppose can be considered, in its own fashion, and with apologies to San Francisco and New York, the center of the world. In Paris, Khadeer met with … Continue reading Rebiya Khadeer in Western Europe

Cultural Destruction in Kashgar [II]

This summer I translated “Cultural Demolition in Kashgar,” a French story from the dynamic Paris left-wing newspaper Liberation which attracted a wide number of readers via and ended up on the reading list of a number of overseas Uighur organizations. Today Le Monde‘s China blog releases a large cache of similar photos which, for readers following Xinjiang and China’s West, may be of great … Continue reading Cultural Destruction in Kashgar [II]

Chinese Foreign Ministry: Sweden’s Brazen Gambit Exposed to Interfere in China’s Internal Affairs

Sweden, a country that really knows a little something about assimilation of Turkic and Arab peoples, recently had the temerity to criticize the People’s Republic of China for executing five (5) nine (9) Uighurs who had been accused of fomenting the violence of this past July 2009.  Sweden is presently holding down the Presidency of the European Union and one of its particularly distinguished professors, … Continue reading Chinese Foreign Ministry: Sweden’s Brazen Gambit Exposed to Interfere in China’s Internal Affairs

Korea Weekend Reads [II]

Via Kushibo in Hawaii, Yonhap reports that Paris-based Reporters Without Borders is sponsoring almost $400,000 in radio broadcasts into North Korea, and announced this during Jack Lang’s trip to Pyongyang, no less.  Closer to home, Kushibo lines up against Euna Lee’s forthcoming memoir of her arrest and rescue from Pyongyang.  One Free Korea conveys doubts about the death of a North Korean consular official in the … Continue reading Korea Weekend Reads [II]