Crystalized Data: Additional Notes on the Meth Trade in Yanji

The story of illegal drug distribution across the North Korean border and into China is now being told with a bit of flair in the pages of Newsweek. As regular readers of this blog will know, I find fieldwork in the Chinese borderlands with North Korea always to be an exciting process. ¬†Exciting though it may be, it is a process that — speaking for … Continue reading Crystalized Data: Additional Notes on the Meth Trade in Yanji

Yanbian News

I’ve just shot off a voluminous bolt of Tweets on the subject, but thought I might wax on the plus-140-characters side of things here on S.V. regards recent activity in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in northeast China, snug up against the North Korean border. Do you suppose we will learn anything new with the publication — tomorrow! — of the Ling sister memoir of … Continue reading Yanbian News

Crimes and Misdemeanors in Yanji

In the endeavor to put some meat on the bones of the Chinese side of the Robert Park story (e.g., What was Park doing in Yanbian and what was the Chinese police response?), a recent commenter on this site pointed my attention to the website of the Yanbian Public Security Bureau.¬† Sure, its posts about cops sharing some grains with local households are just standard … Continue reading Crimes and Misdemeanors in Yanji