Scholarly Statistics [学术统计:2月-3月2010年]

Period covered: February-March 2010

Words Published:18,402, resulting from publication of one (1) book chapter (9186 words) and one (1) journal article (9216 words)

In the 60 day period from February 1 to March 31, I published 18,402 words, making for a rough average of 312 words published per day.   (To make it more baseball-like, suppose I could add a decimal point, recalling that old Jack Kerouac strived for a .400 batting average in competition with Ted Williams.)

Words published per day (ppd.) average: 312.

At some point it may be interesting to “cross the streams” and correlate number of cello recitals and concert appearances with publishing output (e.g., is there a correlation between playing cello and doing more of everthing else, better -?)  but for the time being the ancient warning is still heeded:


  1. Don’t cross the streams!…until the end, when your version of a giant stay-puft marshmallow man breathes down your neck.

    1. I was hoping you would appreciate that…Is the marshmellow man the equivalent of a. bad book reviews b. bloated prose c. monomania d. excess pop culture references or e. fill in the blank?

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