Wikipedia Lacuna of the New Decade: Old China Hand O. Edumund Clubb

O. Edmund Clubb was a formidable influence within US-China policy communities in the late 1940s and one of the most perceptive eyewitnesses of the Chinese Civil War.  Just check out his rough CV (below, from the Truman Library) and compare it to his anemic Wikipedia entry:

United States Foreign Service officer, 1928-52. Served in China, 1929-43, and 1946-50, including duty as Consul General, Mukden, Manchuria, 1946; assigned Consul General, Harbin, 1946; Consul General, Changchun, 1946-47; and Peiping, 1947-50. Also served as Consul General, Vladivostok, U.S.S.R., 1944-46 and as Director, Office of Chinese Affairs, Dept. of State, 1950-51.

Fortunately the Truman Library has a long interview with Clubb that, along with extensive plunder of his archives at the Hoover Institution, might serve as the spine for an expansion of his posthumous takeover of “Old China Hand” traffic on the internet.  Don’t think that he still doesn’t want to surpass Edgar Snow!~  Time for some “New China Hands” to get their digits active and rehabilitate this glorious representative of a man of his time.

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